A Box-Toppers look back at 2016, with a preview of the coming 2017 season

With baseball season just around the corner, here is a look back at highlights from the 2016 season, including happenings from the offseason.

While baseball stopped in the fall, Box-Toppers spent the offseason tabulating results from the season and sharing them on Box-Toppers.com. This is a summary of our offseason posts with links to the original posts.

Among the highlights are:

  • 2016 team and player rankings.
  • Lists of the top 100 players over various time periods.
  • Box-Toppers’ All-Star teams for various time periods.
  • Box-Toppers’ leaders by defensive position.
  • The most improved players and the biggest decliners in Box-Toppers points from 2015 to 2016.
  • Top pitchers and batters by team in 2016.
  • Top single-game performances of 2016 in terms of Box-Toppers game score.
  • An overview of Box-Toppers season leaders for the entire duration of Box-Toppers tracking, from 1995 to 2016.
  • A look at 2016 postseason award winners and 2017 Hall of Fame candidates.
  • How statistical leaders fared in Box-Toppers points in 2016.
  • A look at Box-Toppers results from each game of the 2016 postseason.
  • Features on key players from 2016—Jose Fernandez, Alex Rodriguez and Rick Porcello.
  • 2017 preseason features, including Box-Toppers team rankings and predictions.

Box-Toppers tracks which players most help their team win the most Major League Baseball games.

Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win. In regular season games, players earn 1.0 Box-Toppers point for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.

More about what Box-Toppers is all about and how it works and why Box-Toppers was devised.

Here are links to key offseason posts:

Top players, top teams

Top 10 player lists

Box-Toppers top 10 players by category (Overall, AL pitchers, NL pitchers, AL batters, NL batters)

Box-Toppers’ All-Star teams

Box-Toppers’ Top 100 players

Box-Toppers’ High by position

Top players at a single position over several time frames—2016, 2015-16, 2011-16, “All-time” (1995-2016):

Statistical leaders

How 2016 statistical leaders fared in Box-Toppers points and rankings:

Box-Toppers’ most improved, biggest decliners

Box-Toppers’ top players by team

Box-Toppers top pitchers and batters by team in 2016

Best single-game performances

Box-Toppers top single game performances of 2016

Box-Toppers’ season-by-season leaders

A look at Box-Toppers season-by-season AL & NL pitching & batting leaders, 1995-2016

Most consecutive seasons earning Box-Toppers points

Carlos Beltran could tie Jason Giambi in 2017 for most consecutive seasons earning Box-Toppers points (19)

Hall of Fame

How 2017 Hall of Fame candidates fared in Box-Toppers: Bagwell, Raines, Rodriguez elected to Hall of Fame; Schilling, Hoffman, Kent, Guerrero among those overlooked

2016 postseason awards

2016 postseason

AL Wild Card—Orioles vs. Blue Jays

Preview Blue Jays win

NL Wild Card—Giants vs. Mets

Preview Giants win

AL Division Series—Blue Jays vs. Rangers

Preview Game 1: TOR 10, TEX 1 Game 2: TOR 5, TEX 3 Game 3: TOR 7, TEX 6 (10)

AL Division Series—Red Sox vs. Indians

Preview Game 1: CLE 5, BOS 4 Game 2: CLE 6, BOS 0 Game 3: CLE 4, BOS 3

NL Division Series—Dodgers vs. Nationals

Preview Game 1: LAD 4, DC 3 Game 2: DC 5, LAD 2 Game 3: DC 8, LAD 3 Game 4: LAD 6, DC 5 Game 5: LAD 4, DC 3

NL Division Series—Giants vs. Cubs

Preview Game 1: CHC 1, SF 0 Game 2: CHC 5, SF 2 Game 3: SF 6, CHC 5 (13) Game 4: CHC 6, SF 5

AL Championship Series—Blue Jays vs. Indians

Preview Game 1: CLE 2, TOR 0 Game 2: CLE 2, TOR 1 Game 3: CLE 4, TOR 2 Game 4: TOR 5, CLE 1 Game 5: CLE 3, TOR 0

NL Championship Series—Dodgers vs. Cubs

Preview Game 1: CHC 8, LAD 4 Game 2: LAD 1, CHC 0 Game 3: LAD 6, CHC 0 Game 4: CHC 10, LAD 2 Game 5: CHC 8, LAD 4 Game 6: CHC 5, LAD 0

World Series—Cubs vs. Indians

Preview Game 1: CLE 6, CHC 0 Game 2: CHC 5, CLE 1 Game 3: CLE 1, CHC 0 Game 4: CLE 7, CHC 2 Game 5: CHC 3, CLE 2 Game 6: CHC 9, CLE 3 Game 7: CHC 8, CLE 7 (10)

Posts on key players

Death of Jose Fernandez

Release of Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez exits as Box-Toppers points leader among batters since 1995

Rick Porcello

Why does wins leader Rick Porcello have so few Box-Toppers points?

2017 preseason