What is Box-Toppers?

Who are the best players in baseball? 

How do you even measure such a thing?

One way is to determine which players most help their teams win the most games. That’s what Box-Toppers does. 

Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win.

Players earn 1.0 Box-Toppers point for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.

Here is detailed information on how the Box-Toppers formula works and how Box-Toppers Player of the Game and Player of the Day honorees are determined.

Box-Toppers points accumulate through the season. These point totals can then be used as a data point to compare players and perhaps even determine the game’s top players.

Some examples: Since Box-Toppers tracking began in 1995, the player with the most Box-Toppers points is pitcher Randy Johnson with 278.8, followed by pitcher Pedro Martinez with 244.8. At the end of 2017, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw ranked third among players in this “all-time” list with 206.8. Here is a look at players with the most Box-Toppers points since tracking began in 1995.

In 2017, Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale led all players with 25.1 Box-Toppers points. Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer was close behind in second place with 25.0 points. Here are Box-Toppers points leaders for the 2017 season.

player rankings final 20171002.jpg

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