Who is responsible for Box-Toppers?

Hello, I’m Shawn Plank, a writer and former newspaper reporter and columnist.

I began this method of tracking Major League Baseball in 1995 and launched the website to share Box-Toppers in 2013. I'm a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of American (IBWAA).

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I’m also co-author of Old Man River & Me, written with Mark Knudsen. It’s about Mark’s journey down the Mississippi River in a homemade wooden boat in the wake of a flood and his adventures and insights along the way. It was named one of the 10 best literary travel books of the year by Booklist magazine. It’s available via Amazon, Apple iBooks and Google Play Books as an e-book. Limited signed paperback copies are available. Inquire in the contact form below.

Some of my award-winning (and, to a larger extent, award-losing) writing can be found at shawnplank.com, including a selection of past newspaper columns on topics such as the necessary and beneficial uses of profanity, the important role of big vegetable photos in small town newspapers, debates on making English an official language and a poetic ode to radio farm market reports.

Want to support Box-Toppers? Who am I to say no? Contribute $5, $10, $10,000 or whatever amount seems just beyond appropriate through my PayPal account. Your contribution will help defray expenses for web hosting and ballpark scorecards. Thank you!

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