Two pitchers ranked among Box-Toppers' top 10 (Santana, Severino) face off in AL Wild Card Game Tuesday

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The Minnesota Twins visit the New York Yankeesin the American League one-game Wild Card playoff game Tuesday.

Starting pitchers are:

Twins—Ervin Santana, 16.1 Box-Toppers points, ranked ninth among all players, fifth among AL pitchers.

Yankees—Luis Severino, 21.1 Box-Toppers points, ranked seventh among all players, fourth among AL pitchers.

The Yankees rank fifth in overall Box-Toppers team rankings with its players accumulating 121.7 Box-Toppers points in 2017, third among AL teams and most among all four wild card teams. The Twins accumulated 99.2 Box-Toppers points in 2017, 13th among all teams, the lowest ranked of the 10 postseason teams. They finished behind three teams that did not make the postseason.

But both teams finished the season relatively hot. In the final 10 days of the season, the Yankees gained 7.7 Box-Toppers points and the Twins gained 7.5.

Tuesday’s starter for the Yankees, Luis Severino, is the highest-ranked player on either team. His 21.1 Box-Toppers points ranks eighth among all players. Twins starter Ervin Santana is the Twins’ highest-ranked player. His 16.1 points ranks 10th among all players.

Yankees top batter is outfielder Aaron Judge. His 11.2 Box-Toppers points ranks second among AL batters. Twins top batter is third baseman Miguel Sano. His 8.5 points ranks ninth among AL batters.

The winner of the AL Wild Card game will face the Cleveland Indians in the best-of-five AL Division Series beginning Thursday in Cleveland. The Indians are Box-Toppers top-ranked team with 140.9 Box-Toppers points.

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Twins vs. Yankees

Here are players for both teams in the AL Wild Card Game Tuesday. Players are listed for both teams ranked by Box-Toppers points earned in 2017. All players listed were on active Major or Minor League rosters at the end of the season—not necessarily all of them will be included on postseason rosters.  

Minnesota Twins New York Yankees
Player Pos BTP Player Pos BTP
Santana, Ervin 2005 pi sp 16.1 Severino, Luis 3567 pi sp 21.1
Berrios, Jose 3791 pi sp 9.0 Tanaka, Masahiro 3305 pi sp 11.4
Sano, Miguel 3527 3b 8.5 Judge, Aaron 3767 rf 11.2
Mauer, Joe 1869 1b 6.5 Gray, Sonny 3259 pi sp 8.4
Rosario, Eddie 3542 lf 6.2 Sabathia, C.C. 1492 pi sp 7.7
Buxton, Byron 3604 cf 5.5 Robertson, David 2774 pi cp 6.0
Dozier, Brian 3219 2b 5.5 Montgomery, Jordan 3814 pi sp 6.0
Colon, Bartolo pi sp 4.7 Castro, Starlin 2767 2b 5.0
Polanco, Jorge 3739 ss 4.0 Betances, Dellin 3333 pi cp mr 5.0
Mejia, Adalberto 3812 pi sp 4.0 Garcia, Jaime 2508 pi sp 4.0
Escobar, Eduardo 3135 3b ss 3.7 Pineda, Michael 2841 pi sp 4.0
Hildenberger, Trevor 3846 pi mr cp 3.0 Green, Chad 3675 pi mr 4.0
Vargas, Kennys 3511 dh 1b ph 2.5 Sanchez, Gary 3701 ca dh 3.5
Gimenez, Chris 2870 ca 2.5 Bird, Greg 3562 1b 3.5
Gee, Dillon 2808 pi sp 2.0 Holliday, Matt 1836 dh 1b lf 3.0
Gibson, Kyle 3312 pi sp 2.0 Hicks, Aaron 3170 cf 3.0
Rogers, Taylor 3648 pi mr 2.0 Headley, Chase 2552 3b ph 2.0
Belisle, Matt 1975 pi cp 2.0 Warren, Adam 3169 pi mr 2.0
Kepler, Max 3664 rf 1.5 Gregorius, Didi 3184 ss 2.0
Duffey, Tyler 3558 pi mr sp 1.0 Chapman, Aroldis 2826 pi cp 1.7
Grossman, Robbie 3267 rf 1.0 Gardner, Brett 2486 lf 1.7
Castro, Jason 2743 ca 1.0 Frazier, Todd 2929 3b 1.5
Hughes, Phil 2272 pi sp 1.0 Shreve, Chasen 3482 pi mr 1.0
Pressly, Ryan 3186 pi mr 1.0 Andujar, Miguel 3839 dh 1.0
Adrianza, Ehire 3902 ph 1.0 Frazier, Clint 3847 lf 1.0
Busentiz, Alan 3877 pi mr 1.0 Romine, Austin 3832 ca 1.0
Granite, Zack 3917 lf pr 1.0
Totals 99.2 Totals 121.7
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