David Robertson tops players as Yankees beat Twins in AL Wild Card Game

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Yankees pitcher David Robertson is Tuesday’s Box-Toppers Player of the Day in Tuesday’s American League Wild Card Game.

Robertson pitched 3 1/3 scoreless innings of middle relief, allowing three hits, one walk, striking out three and earning the win, in the 8-4 win over the Royals.

Robertson had a Box-Toppers game score of +4.1 Tuesday, highest among all Yankees players.

Robertson had 6.0 Box-Toppers points during the regular season. He had 4.0 points as a closer with the White Sox before being traded to the Yankees, where he earned 2.0 more points as a middle reliever. He ranks fifth among AL closers, 40th among all AL pitchers and 134th among all players.

Both starting pitchers in Tuesday’s game ranked among Box-Toppers regular season top 10 players, but neither fared well:

  • Yankees pitcher Luis Severino (21.1 Box-Toppers points, ranked seventh among all players, fourth among AL pitchers) had a Box-Toppers game score of -10.9 (0.1IP 4H 3R BB 0K ND).
  • Twins pitcher Ervin Santana (16.1 Box-Toppers points, ranked ninth among all players, fifth among AL pitchers) had a Box-Toppers game score of -11.0 (2IP 3H 4R 2BB 0K ND).

The Yankees rank fifth in overall Box-Toppers team rankings during the regular season with its players accumulating 121.7 Box-Toppers points in 2017, third among AL teams and most among all four wild card teams. The Twins accumulated 99.2 Box-Toppers points in 2017, 13th among all teams, the lowest ranked of the 10 postseason teams. They finished behind three teams that did not make the postseason.

The Yankees will face the Cleveland Indians in the best-of-five AL Division Series beginning Thursday in Cleveland. The Indians rank first among all teams in Box-Toppers points with 140.9.

Top player from AL Wild Card Game

BTG Game Player of the Game AB R H BI IP H R ER BB K
4.1 NYY 8, MIN 4 David Robertson W (1-0) - - - - 3.1 3 0 0 1 5
BTG—Box-Toppers game score

Box-Toppers NL Wild Card Preview

Coming Wednesday—The National League Wild Card Game is in Arizona with the Rockies facing the Diamondbacks. Here is the pitching match-up:

Rockies—Jon Gray, 4.7 Box-Toppers points, ranked 215th among all players, 59th among NL pitchers.

Diamondbacks—Zack Greinke, 20.1 Box-Toppers points, ranked eighth among all players, fourth among NL pitchers.

The Diamondbacks rank eighth in overall Box-Toppers team rankings with its players accumulating 118.3 Box-Toppers points in 2017, fourth among NL teams. The Rockies rank 11th with 103.1 points, sixth among NL teams and trail two teams that did not make the postseason (the ninth-ranked Brewers with 106.0 points and the 10th-ranked Royals with 104.5 points).

In addition to Greinke, the Diamondbacks have one other pitcher among Box-Toppers top 10 players for 2017, Robbie Ray (16.0 Box-Toppers points, ranked 10th).

The Rockies had two players among Box-Toppers top 10 NL batters in 2017:

  • Third baseman Nolan Arenado (9.2 Box-Toppers points, ranks fifth).
  • Outfielder Gerardo Parra (9.0 points, ranks eighth).

The Diamondbacks highest-ranked batter is first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (7.4 Box-Toppers points, 16th among NL batters). The Rockies top-ranked pitcher is Tyler Chatwood (8.4 Box-Toppers points, 26th among NL pitchers). Chatwood last pitched Saturday.

The winner of the NL Wild Card Game will face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the best-of-five NL Division Series beginning Friday in Los Angeles. The Dodgers have baseball’s best winning percentage (.642) and rank second in Box-Toppers team rankings with 138.9 points, trailing the Cleveland Indians (140.9).

About Box-Toppers—Box-Toppers tracks who most helps their team win the most games. Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win. In regular season games, players earn 1.0 Box-Toppers point for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.

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Rockies vs. Diamondbacks

Here are players for both teams in the NL Wild Card Game Wednesday. Players are listed for both teams ranked by Box-Toppers points earned in 2017. All players listed were on active Major or Minor League rosters at the end of the season—not necessarily all of them will be included on postseason rosters.  

Colorado Rockies Arizona Diamondbacks
Player Pos BTP Player Pos BTP
Arenado, Nolan 3306 3b 9.2 Greinke, Zack 1871 pi sp 20.1
Parra, Gerardo 2746 rf lf 9.0 Ray, Robbie 3502 pi sp 16.0
Chatwood, Tyler 2856 pi sp 8.4 Godley, Zack 3538 pi sp 11.0
Holland, Greg 2906 pi cp 8.0 Corbin, Patrick 3027 pi sp 9.7
Freeland, Kyle 3763 pi sp 6.0 Goldschmidt, Paul 2935 1b 7.4
Blackmon, Charlie 2891 cf 5.7 Rodney, Fernando 1803 pi cp 7.0
Gonzalez, Carlos 2460 rf 5.5 Lamb, Jake 3517 3b 6.9
Valaika, Patrick 3793 ss 3b 2b ph 5.2 Martinez, J.D. 2922 rf 5.5
Reynolds, Mark 2297 1b 5.0 Walker, Taijuan 3453 pi sp 5.0
Gray, Jon 3634 pi sp 4.7 Drury, Brandon 3744 2b 4.5
Marquez, German 3788 pi sp 4.7 Iannetta, Chris 2239 ca 3.2
LeMahieu, DJ 3091 2b 4.5 Pollock, A.J. 3142 cf 2.5
Hoffman, Jeff 3806 pi sp 3.7 Herrmann, Chris 3196 ca ph 2.0
Rusin, Chris 3236 pi sp mr 3.0 Peralta, David 3370 rf 2.0
Anderson, Tyler 3656 pi sp mr 3.0 McFarland, T.J. 3585 pi mr cp 2.0
Senzatela, Antonio 3760 pi sp 3.0 Sherfy, Jimmie 3891 pi mr cp 2.0
Story, Trevor 3607 ss 2.5 Vargas, Ildemaro 3924 3b 1.5
Bettis, Chad 3481 pi sp 2.0 Tomas, Yasmany 3489 lf 1.0
Amarista, Alexi 3032 ss ph 2.0 Bradley, Archie 3438 pi mr sp 1.0
Tapia, Raimel 3824 rf ph 2.0 Miller, Shelby 3134 pi sp 1.0
Lucroy, Jonathan 2744 ca 1.0 Descalso, Daniel 2855 ph 1b 1.0
Estevez, Carlos 3641 pi cp mr 1.0 Hoover, J.J. 3163 pi mr 1.0
Desmond, Ian 2673 1b cf lf 1.0 Chafin, Andrew 3397 pi mr 1.0
Ottavino, Adam 3054 pi mr cp 1.0 Delgado, Randall 2939 pi sp 1.0
Hanigan, Ryan 2708 ca 1.0 Fuentes, Reymond 3301 cf ph 1.0
Neshek, Pat 2196 pi mr 1.0 Banda, Anthony 3867 pi sp 1.0
Hazelbaker, Jeremy 3759 ph 1.0
Totals 103.1 Totals 118.3
What are those numbers after players' names?