Rosario, Stanton, Aguilar lead Final Vote All-Star candidates in Box-Toppers points

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Eddie Rosario of the Twins has the most 2018 Box-Toppers points among the 10 players on the All-Star Game Final Vote ballot.

Rosario has 6.5 Box-Toppers points this season, which ranks fifth among American League batters.

All-Star Final Vote candidates

Here are the 2018 and 2017 Box-Toppers point totals of the 2018 All-Star Game Final Vote candidates. Voters choose one player from each league as the "final" player selected to the All-Star teams. Each league's players are listed from highest to lowest 2018 Box-Toppers point total.

AL player Pos Team ’18 ’17
Eddie Rosario lf Twins 6.5 6.2
Jean Segura ss Mariners 5.0 1.0
Andrew Benintendi lf cf Red Sox 4.5 7.2
Giancarlo Stanton rf lf Yankees 4.0 14.2
Andrelton Simmons ss Angels 2.5 2.5
NL player Pos Team ’18 ’17
Jesus Aguilar 1b Brewers 4.5 5.0
Brandon Belt 1b lf Giants 4.0 2.5
Trea Turner ss Nationals 3.0 1.7
Max Muncy 3b lf 2b Dodgers 2.5 0.0
Matt Carpenter 3b 1b 2b Cardinals 1.5 0.0

Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees leads all 10 of the candidates in 2017 Box-Toppers points with 14.2, which ranked second among all National League players, when he was with the Marlins. However, Stanton is now with the AL Yankees.

Among the five NL candidates, Jesus Aguilar of the Brewers has the most 2018 Box-Toppers points (4.5) and the most 2017 points (5.0).

Voting ends today as fans pick one of the five players in each league to fill the final roster spots on the 2018 American League and National League All-Star teams.

None of the five NL players listed on the ballot rank among the top 10 NL batters for points in either 2018 or 2017. Two NL players recorded no Box-Toppers points in 2017—Max Muncy of the Dodgers and Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals. In 2018, Muncy has 2.5 Box-Toppers points and Carpenter has 1.5.

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