Spring training results from March 26

MLB11.2`Diamondbacks 0000000  Ian Kennedy 6.020018
 6.0Reds 0000000  Johnny Cueto (W, 2-2)6.040015
AL6.0White Sox 0000000  Chris Sale (W, 4-0)4.011105
 4.0`Phillies 0000000  Raul Valdes 3.021105
BAT3.0Royals Brett Hayes C524201  00.000000
BAT3.0Marlins Giancarlo Stanton RF322201  00.000000
 3.0Cardinals Yadier Molina C322210  00.000000
 3.0Rockies Michael Cuddyer 1B311411  00.000000
 3.0Braves Ramiro Pena PH, 2B211300  00.000000
 3.0Athletics Yoenis Cespedes LF221211  00.000000
 2.0Twins Aaron Hicks LF523200  00.000000
 2.0Blue Jays Adam Lind 1B312200  00.000000
 2.0`Giants 0000000  Jeremy Affeldt (H, 2)1.000001
 1.0Braves Jason Heyward RF322000  00.000000
 1.0Cubs Darwin Barney PR010000  00.000000

Taking care of some spring training to get ready for the regular season here at Box-Toppers. Here are results from a spring training day in baseball. Pitcher Ian Kennedy of the Diamondbacks was Player of the Day. Chris Sale of the White Sox was American League Player of the Day. Brett Hayes of the Royals was American League Batter of the Day. And Giancarlo Stanton was National League Batter of the Day. However, no Box-Toppers points are given to any of these players. Since the games are just for practice, tabulating these results are also just for practice.