Yankees' Aaron Judge, Dodgers' Cody Bellinger lead Home Run Derby participants in 2017 Box-Toppers points

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Aaron Judge of the Yankees has the most 2017 home runs and Box-Toppers points among Monday’s eight Home Run Derby participants.

Judge has 30 home runs on the season, leading all players, and has 8.2 Box-Toppers points, second among all batters (behind Ryon Healy of the Athletics with 8.7).

How Home Run Derby participants fare in Box-Toppers points

Here are the eight participants in Monday's Home Run Derby, listed according to their assigned tournament seed. Also shown are each players home runs so far this season (’17 HR), plus their Box-Toppers points for the current season (’17 BTP) and last season (’16 BTP).  


1 Giancarlo Stanton Marlins 26 3.5 6.5
2 Aaron Judge Yankees 30 8.2 0.0
3 Cody Bellinger Dodgers 25 7.7 0.0
4 Mike Moustakas Royals 25 3.0 1.0
5 Miguel Sano Twins 21 7.5 3.0
6 Charlie Blackmon Rockies 21 2.7 4.0
7 Justin Bour Marlins 20 4.5 2.5
8 Gary Sanchez Yankees 13 0.0 4.5

Judge is seeded second in the tournament-style derby, behind top seed and defending champion, Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins. Stanton has 26 home runs, tied for the 2016 National League lead with Joey Votto of the Reds, who is not in the derby. Stanton has 3.5 Box-Toppers points on the season, 30th among NL batters.

Stanton has the most 2016 Box-Toppers points of the eight participants (6.5), which ranked 19th among NL batters.

Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers has the most 2017 Box-Toppers points among NL Home Run Derby participants. His 7.7 points rank first among NL batters.

Interestingly, the two players leading the derby field in Box-Toppers points are both rookies. Judge made his Major League debut in 2016 but earned no Box-Toppers points in 2016 and still maintains his rookie status in 2016. Bellinger made his Major League debut April 25 and so also has no Box-Toppers points in 2016.

Miguel Sano of the Twins ranks third among derby participants in 2017 Box-Toppers points with 7.5. That ranks fourth among AL batters.

Gary Sanchez of the Yankees is the only derby participant without any 2017 Box-Toppers points, however he had 4.5 in 2016, a year in which he hit 20 home runs. Sanchez also has the fewest 2017 home runs among the eight participants, 13.

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