Box-Toppers 2015 year-end All-Star teams

Here are Box-Toppers 2015 year-end All-Star teams. The player with the highest Box-Toppers point total (BTP) at each position in each league was named an All-Star. Their overall rank among all players is also shown.  

American League Team BTP Rank National League Team BTP Rank
1B Davis, Chris 2478 bal al 11.0 36 Goldschmidt, Paul 2935 ari nl 10.2 42
2B Drew, Stephen 2210 nyy al 8.0 87 LeMahieu, DJ 3091 col nl 7.0 111
SS Escobar, Eduardo 3135 min al 7.7 95 Castro, Starlin 2767 chi nl 4.5 219
3B Beltre, Adrian 1141 tex al 12.5 27 Frazier, Todd 2929 cin nl 8.9 64
CA McCann, Brian 2179 nyy al 6.5 122 Montero, Miguel 2304 chi nl 5.5 166
OF Trout, Mike 2949 ana al 12.0 29 Gonzalez, Carlos 2460 col nl 11.5 31
OF Bautista, Jose 2169 tor al 10.0 47 Cespedes, Yoenis 3008 nym nl 10.9 37
OF Bradley, Jackie Jr. 3293 bos al 9.5 55 McCutchen, Andrew 2637 pit nl 10.5 39
DH Fielder, Prince 2029 tex al 11.5 32
SP Keuchel, Dallas 3050 hou al 21.4 4 Arrieta, Jake 2738 chi nl 29.1 1
SP Price, David 2593 tor al 21.1 5 Kershaw, Clayton 2494 lad nl 25.7 2
SP Hernandez, Felix 2064 sea al 19.4 8 deGrom, Jacob 3343 nym nl 22.4 3
SP Sale, Chris 2806 chi al 18.8 10 Scherzer, Max 2588 dc nl 21.0 6
MR Colome, Alex 3189 tb al 5.0 186 Siegrist, Kevin 3260 stl nl 4.0 256
CP Britton, Zachary 2835 bal al 8.7 66 Chapman, Aroldis 2826 cin nl 8.0 80
What are those numbers after players' names?

Cubs lead with 3 season-end Box-Toppers All-Stars, 7 other teams have 2 players each

The Box-Toppers All-Star teams for the 2015 regular season are led by overall points leader, Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta.

His team, the Chicago Cubs, has three players on the National League All-Star team, most of any team. Seven other teams each have two players among the 29 selected All-Stars.

The All-Star teams are composed of the players with the highest Box-Toppers point totals by position in each league. In addition to the batters—eight in the NL and nine (including the designated hitter) in the American League—are the top four starting pitchers in each league, the top player who was predominately a middle reliever and the top closing pitcher.

Arrieta was Box-Toppers Player of the Year, the leader among all players in Box-Toppers points, with 29.1. Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel led all AL players with 21.4 Box-Toppers points, ranking fourth overall.

The top AL batter is Adrian Beltre of the Rangers with 12.5 Box-Toppers points, ranked 27th overall. The top NL batter is Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies with 11.5 points, ranked 31st overall. Both had the lowest Box-Toppers point totals to lead their league’s batters in the 21 years of Box-Toppers record keeping.

The Cubs had three players on the NL All-Star team, the most of any team:

  • Starting pitcher Jake Arrieta, 29.1 Box-Toppers points.
  • Catcher Miguel Montero, 5.5 points
  • Shortstop Starlin Castro, 4.5 points.

Montero and Castro had the two lowest Box-Toppers point totals to lead any All-Star batting position.

Seven other teams each had two players make the teams. Here are those teams: In the AL, the Orioles, Yankees, Rangers and Blue Jays. In the NL, the Reds, Rockies and Mets.

Seven of the 15 AL All-Stars’ teams made it to the postseason. Eight of the 14 NL All-Stars’ teams made it to the postseason.

The World Champion Kansas City Royals had no players on the AL team. The NL Champion New York Mets had two players—starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (22.4 Box-Toppers points) and outfielder Yoenis Cespedes (10.9 points).

Six players were on Box-Toppers 2014 All-Star teams and returned to the 2015 teams:

  • AL C: Brian McCann, Yankees (6.5 points in 2014, 6.5 in 2015).
  • AL OF: Mike Trout, Angels (8.5 points in 2014, 12.0 in 2015).
  • AL SP: David Price, Blue Jays—in 2014, he pitched for the Rays and the Tigers and in 2015, began the season with the Tigers (19.1 points in 2014, 21.1 in 2015).
  • AL SP: Felix Hernandez, Mariners (20.8 points in 2014, 19.4 in 2015).
  • NL SP: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (31.5 points in 2014, 25.7 in 2015). 
  • NL SP: Max Scherzer, last year on the AL team with the Tigers, this year on the NL team with the Nationals (22.1 points in 2014, 21.0 in 2015).

About Box-Toppers—Box-Toppers tracks who most helps their team win the most games. Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win. In regular season games, players earn 1.0 Box-Toppers point for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.