Pujols rises from 10th to 7th on Box-Toppers 'all-time' career points list



Albert Pujols of the Angels rose from 10th to seventh place on the “all-time” career Box-Toppers points list this past week.

Pujols, who was American League batter of the day twice in the past week, picked up 3.0 Box-Toppers points, increasing his career Box-Toppers points total from 164.3 to 167.3. In the process, he passed three players on the all-time top list:

Top 10 players 'all-time'

Here are Box-Toppers' Top 10 'all-time' players (record keeping began in 1995). The list includes four players who are currently active in the Majors. One, Manny Ramirez, who plays and coaches in the Minor Leagues. Another player, Alex Rodriguez, is serving a drug suspension in 2014. The list also includes five retired players.

Player Pos Team BTP
1 Randy Johnson pi sp 278.8
2 Pedro Martinez pi sp 244.8
3 Curt Schilling pi sp 194.1
4 Alex Rodriguez 3b dh susp 179.3
5 CC Sabathia pi sp Yankees 173.3
6 Roy Halladay pi sp
7 Albert Pujols dh 1b Angels 167.3
8 Manny Ramirez lf dh Cubs 167.2
9 Johan Santana pi sp Orioles 166.6
10 Roger Clemens pi sp 164.8

susp-Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees has been suspended for the 2014 season.
BTP: Box-Toppers points

• Retired pitcher Roger Clemens (164.8 Box-Toppers points, now in 10th place).

• Pitcher Johan Santana, currently on the disabled list with the Orioles (166.6 Box-Toppers points, now ranked ninth).

• Left fielder/designated hitter Manny Ramirez, currently a minor league player/coach for the Cubs (167.2 Box-Toppers points, now at number eight).

Pujols also moved from third to second among all batters, passing Ramirez. He now trails only overall batting leader, Alex Rodriguez (179.3 Box-Toppers points), currently suspended from baseball under the performance enhancing drug policy.

The only currently active, non-suspended player ahead of Pujols on Box-Toppers career top 10 list is Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who is in fifth place with 173.3 Box-Toppers points.

Box-Toppers record keeping began in 1995.