Twins' Chris Colabello remains atop Box-Toppers player rankings for second week

Chris Colabello of the Twins remains in first place in Box-Toppers player rankings for the second straight week.

Colabello has 5.2 Box-Toppers points for the season, the same total as last week. He has played first base, designated hitter and right field for the Twins.

Top players

Through Thursday, April 24

1Colabello, Chris 32351b dh rfmin al5.2
2Wainwright, Adam 2150pi spstl nl5.0
3Fernandez, Jose 3147pi spfla nl5.0
4Perez, Martin 3213pi sptex al5.0
5Braun, Ryan J. 2300rfmil nl4.5
6Greinke, Zack 1871pi splad nl4.4
7Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al4.4
8Kazmir, Scott 1947pi spoak al4.0
9Santana, Ervin 2005pi spatl nl4.0
10Ryu, Hyun-Jin 3139pi splad nl4.0
1Perez, Martin 3213pi sptex al5.0
2Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al4.4
3Kazmir, Scott 1947pi spoak al4.0
4Lackey, John 1640pi spbos al4.0
5Scherzer, Max 2588pi spdet al3.7
6Darvish, Yu 3003pi sptex al3.7
7Tanaka, Masahiro 3305pi spnyy al3.7
8Sale, Chris 2806pi spchi al3.0
9Buehrle, Mark 1407pi sptor al3.0
10Soria, Joakim 2258pi cptex al3.0
1Colabello, Chris 32351b dh rfmin al5.2
2Murphy, David 2348rfcle al3.0
3Donaldson, Josh 31443boak al2.5
4Semien, Marcus 33022bchi al2.5
5Lawrie, Brett 29343btor al2.5
6Schoop, Jonathan 33073bbal al2.5
7Lowrie, Jed 2437ssoak al2.0
8Cruz, Nelson Ramon 2224lf dhbal al2.0
9Plouffe, Trevor 28693bmin al2.0
10Rodriguez, Sean 27291b lf phtb al2.0
1Wainwright, Adam 2150pi spstl nl5.0
2Fernandez, Jose 3147pi spfla nl5.0
3Greinke, Zack 1871pi splad nl4.4
4Santana, Ervin 2005pi spatl nl4.0
5Ryu, Hyun-Jin 3139pi splad nl4.0
6Cashner, Andrew 2807pi spsd nl4.0
7Hammel, Jason 2235pi spchi nl4.0
8Teheran, Julio 3176pi spatl nl3.0
9Gonzalez, Gio 2626pi spdc nl3.0
10Gallardo, Yovani 2333pi spmil nl3.0
1Braun, Ryan J. 2300rfmil nl4.5
2Duda, Lucas 28181b lfnym nl3.5
3Freeman, Freddie 28871batl nl3.2
4Stanton, Giancarlo 2737rffla nl3.2
5Tulowitzki, Troy 2308sscol nl2.7
6Alvarez, Pedro 28173bpit nl2.5
7Davis, Ike 27151b phpit nl2.5
8Upton, Justin 2411lfatl nl2.0
9Utley, Chase 18612bphi nl2.0
10Blackmon, Charlie 2891cf lfcol nl2.0
BTP: Box-Toppers points

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright remains the top overall National League player with 5.0 Box-Toppers points. He rises from third place overall last week to second place this week.

Martin Perez of the Rangers is top overall American League pitcher in Box-Toppers points with 5.0. He was not among the AL’s top 10 pitchers last week, but picked up 3.0 points over the past seven days, to shoot to No. 1. He is in fourth place among all players.

Perez passes previous AL pitching leader, Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. Hernandez, with 4.4 Box-Toppers points, fell to second among AL pitchers and is in seventh among all players.

Ryan Braun of the Brewers is the top NL batter with 4.5 Box-Toppers points, in fifth place among all players. Braun passed previous NL batting leader Freddie Freeman of the Braves. Freeman, with 3.2 points, fell to third among NL batters.

Box-Toppers tracks who most helps their team win the most games. Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win. Players earn Box-Toppers points for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.

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