Cardinals' Lackey, Nationals' Fister top players in pair of NLDS Game 3s, Monday, Oct. 6

John Lackey, who struck out eight over seven innings and allowed one run in the Cardinals 3-1 win over the Dodgers in the National League Division Series Game 3, is Monday’s Player of the Day.

Lackey gives the Cardinals a 2-1 lead over the Dodgers in the best-of-five game series that resumes Tuesday.

Lackey had the highest Box-Toppers game score of any Cardinals player of 7.0.

During the regular season, Lackey had 10.7 Box-Toppers points, ranked 50th among all players, 24th among NL pitchers.

NLDS Game 3: Nationals 4, Giants 1

Doug Fister, who pitched seven scoreless innings, leading the Nationals to a 4-1 win over the Giants is Player of the Game in Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

Fister, who also allowed four hits, walked three and struck out three, gave the Nationals their first 2014 postseason win. They trail the Giants in the best-of-five game series, 2-1.

Fister had the highest Box-Toppers game score of any Nationals player of 3.0.

During the regular season, Fister had 14.4 Box-Toppers points, ranked 19th among all players, 10th among NL pitchers.

Giants starter Madison Bumgarner, who was third among all players in Box-Toppers player rankings during the regular season, picked up the loss. Bumgarner gave up three runs on eight hits over seven innings, striking out six. His Box-Toppers game score was +1. Bumgarner had 22.6 Box-Toppers points during the regular season.

Coming Tuesday:

NLDS Game 4, Cardinals lead Dodgers, 2-1

The pitching matchup Tuesday:

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, 31.5 Box-Toppers points, ranked first among all players. 

Cardinals: Shelby Miller, 9.0 Box-Toppers points, ranked 64th among all players, 30th among NL pitchers.

NLDS Game 4, Giants lead Nationals, 2-1

The pitching matchup Tuesday:

Nationals: Gio Gonzalez, 11.0 Box-Toppers points, ranked 44th among all players, 18th among NL pitchers.

Giants: Ryan Vogelsong, 8.7 Box-Toppers points, ranked 74th among all players, 36th among NL pitchers.

Box-Toppers tracks who most helps their team win the most games. Using standard box score statistics, Box-Toppers uses a simple formula to determine a Player of the Game for each Major League Baseball game played. That player is the person who contributed most to his team’s win. In regular season games, players earn 1.0 Box-Toppers point for being named Player of the Game and can earn bonus points for being Player of the Day or top player or batter in their league for the day.

Top player from each game

Players of the Game (POG) listed from highest to lowest Box-Toppers game score

1006 Score Team Player of the Game AB R H BI BB K IP H R ER BB K
POG 7.0 Cardinals John Lackey (W, 1-0) - - - - - - 7.0 5 1 1 1 8
POG 3.0 Nationals Doug Fister (W, 1-0) - - - - - - 7.0 4 0 0 3 3