Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw takes Box-Toppers points lead, Masterson, Cabrera, Goldschmidt among leaders

Note: Box-Toppers is playing catch-up after time away. These are Box-Toppers weekly player standings as of Thursday, Aug. 22:

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw takes over the top spot in Box-Toppers player rankings. 

Kershaw has 18.7 Box-Toppers points as of Thursday, Aug. 22, taking over the lead from Indians pitcher Justin Masterson (16.4 points), who has fallen to third place behind Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin (17.4).

Masterson continues to lead American League players in Box-Toppers points.

Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers remains the leader among American League batters with 14.4 Box-Toppers points. However, Cabrera fell from ninth to 10th place overall this week.

Paul Goldschmidt of the Diamondbacks  leads among NL batters with 11.7 Box-Toppers points. Goldschmidt is in 23rd place among all players. 

Thirty-two players have accumulated 10.0 or more Box-Toppers points so far this season. Only five are batters—Cabrera, Goldschmidt, Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies (11.0), Chris Davis of the Orioles (12.7) and Alfonso Soriano of the Yankees (10.9).

Previous player rankings report from Aug. 15. 

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Top players

As of Thursday, Aug. 22

2013 LEADERS   
1Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl18.7
2Corbin, Patrick 3027pi spari nl17.4
3Masterson, Justin 2462pi spcle al16.4
4Fernandez, Jose 3147pi spfla nl16.0
5Moore, Matt 2975pi sptb al15.1
6Darvish, Yu 3003pi sptex al15.0
7Harvey, Matt 3075pi spnym nl15.0
8Greinke, Zack 1871pi splad nl14.7
9Liriano, Francisco 2104pi sppit nl14.7
10Cabrera, Miguel 17763bdet al14.4
1Masterson, Justin 2462pi spcle al16.4
2Moore, Matt 2975pi sptb al15.1
3Darvish, Yu 3003pi sptex al15.0
4Sanchez, Anibal 2187pi spdet al14.4
5Scherzer, Max 2588pi spdet al13.7
6Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al13.1
7Sale, Chris 2806pi spchi al12.7
8Iwakuma, Hisashi 3048pi spsea al12.4
9Tillman, Chris 2754pi spbal al10.7
10Kuroda, Hiroki 2401pi spnyy al10.4
1Cabrera, Miguel 17763bdet al14.4
2Davis, Chris 24781bbal al12.7
3Soriano, Alfonso 1445lfnyy al10.9
4Ortiz, Daviddhbos al9.2
5Cano, Robinson 20922bnyy al8.5
6Beltre, Adrian 11413btex al8.4
7Jones, Adam 2347cfbal al8.0
8Raburn, Ryan 2340rf dh phcle al8.0
9Donaldson, Josh 31443boak al7.5
10Encarnacion, Edwin 20981b dhtor al7.2
1Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl18.7
2Corbin, Patrick 3027pi spari nl17.4
3Fernandez, Jose 3147pi spfla nl16.0
4Harvey, Matt 3075pi spnym nl15.0
5Greinke, Zack 1871pi splad nl14.7
6Liriano, Francisco 2104pi sppit nl14.7
7Wainwright, Adam 2150pi spstl nl13.7
8Latos, Mat 2644pi spcin nl13.4
9Miller, Shelby 3134pi spstl nl13.4
10Lynn, Lance 2992pi spstl nl13.1
1Goldschmidt, Paul 29351bari nl11.7
2Gonzalez, Carlos 2460lfcol nl11.0
3Freeman, Freddie 28871batl nl9.5
4Cuddyer, Michael 1826rfcol nl8.5
5Harper, Bryce 3011lfdc nl8.4
6Venable, Will 2621rf cfsd nl8.0
7Carpenter, Matt 29872bstl nl7.5
8McCann, Brian 2179caatl nl7.0
9Posey, Buster 2745casf nl7.0
10Zimmerman, Ryan 21803bdc nl6.7

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