Detroit Tigers remain top Box-Toppers team, Texas Rangers make big jump

 Note: Box-Toppers is playing catch-up after time awayThese are Box-Toppers weekly team standings as of Thursday, Aug. 15:

The Detroit Tigers remain atop Box-Toppers team rankings for the second straight week, while the Texas Rangers made the biggest jump of the week.

Tigers players have accumulated 95.6 Box-Toppers points, the most of any team.

The Texas Rangers picked up 10.0 Box-Toppers points in the past week, giving them 90.5 for the season, boosting them from seventh to second place in Box-Toppers team power rankings.

The Boston Red Sox, leaders two weeks ago, also have 90.5 points, tied with the Rangers, but fall from second to third because they have fewer Box-Toppers points than the Rangers for the past week (10.0 vs. 2.0).

The St. Louis Cardinals remain the top National League team in Box-Toppers points with 89.4. However, after being overall leader just three weeks ago, the Cards fell this week from third to fourth overall. In addition, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to close in on the Cardinals. After trailing the Cardinals by 11.4 points on July 25, the Dodgers are now only 1.4 points behind.

The Cincinnati Reds are the hottest National League team of the week, picking up 8.4 Box-Toppers points, giving them 85.7 points and rising from 10th to sixth place. 


Box-Toppers team power rankings graphic.png

Top 10 teams

815Top 10 TeamsBTPBTP/wkLast week rank
3Red Sox90.52.02

BTP: Box-Toppers points total. Accumulated points of all players on team in 2013 season.

BTP/wk: Box-Toppers points for the team for the past week, through games on Thursday.