Ryan Braun, top NL Box-Toppers batter over past 5 years, suspended for season


Ryan Braun, the top National League batter in Box-Toppers points over the past five seasons, has been suspended for the rest of the year by Major League Baseball under its performance-enhancing drug policy. 

Braun was suspended Monday without pay and did not contest the suspension, which will run the final 65 games of the season and any postseason games that his team, the Milwaukee Brewers, may play in. 

Braun has been one of the most productive players in Box-Toppers scoring in his seven seasons (see the chart below for season-by-season statistics and their context).

He has the most points among NL batters from 2008 to the present (63.0). He scored 10.0 or more points in five consecutive seasons (2008-2012) and was in the top 10 among NL batters each year. Last year, in 2012, he led all NL batters with 12.5 Box-Toppers points. Despite his time away this year with injury and bereavement leave, he is still in second place among NL batters in points since the start of the 2012 season (16.0).

Braun was named NL Most Valuable Player in 2011. He had 10.5 Box-Toppers points that year and was in sixth place among NL batters, behind category leader and then-Brewers teammate Prince Fielder, with 15.7 points.

Braun has led all NL outfielders in points for four straight seasons (from 2009-2012). 

Braun has 68.2 career Box-Toppers points and ranks 146th among all players since Box-Toppers record-keeping began in 1995 (here is a recent look at the top 100 since 1995 ).

Ryan Braun Box-Toppers statistics

A season-by-season look at his numbers and their context

20073bmil nl5.2NL Rookie of the Year
2008lfmil nl119th among NL batters, 3rd among NL OF
2009lfmil nl10.55th among NL batters, 1st among NL OF
2010lfmil nl152nd among NL batters (Albert Pujols 15.4), 1st among NL OF
2011lfmil nl10.56th among NL batters (Prince Fielder had 15.7), 1st among NL OF, NL MVP
2012lfmil nl12.51st among NL batters, NL home run leader
2013lfmil nl3.5Ranked 164th overall as of 7/22, ranked 13th among NL OF as of 7/22
TOTAL  68.2Ranked 146th overall, ranked 32nd among OF
2008-13  63Ranked 16th overall, ranked 1st among all NL batters, OF
2012-13  16Ranked 41st overall, ranked 2nd among NL batters

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