Top players for Sunday, April 7

Indians pitcher Justin Masterson is Sunday's Player of the Day. Masterson threw seven innings, struck out eight and gave up two hits, three walks and no runs in the 13-0 win over the Rays.

Braves pitcher Tim Hudson is National League Player of the Day. Hudson struck out seven over 6 2/3 innings in the 5-1 over the Cubs.

Billy Butler of the Royals was American League Batter of the Day. Butler hit a grand slam homer and drove in seven runs in a 9-8 win over the Phillies.

Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals was National League Batter of the Day. Carpenter went 3-for-5 and drove in three runs in the 14-3 win over the Giants, the day the Giants received their World Series championship rings.

Masterson receives two Box-Toppers points for being named Player of the Day. Hudson receives 1.7 for NL Player of the Day. Butler receives 1.5 points for AL Batter of the Day. Carpenter receives 1.5 points for NL Batter of the Day.

All of Sunday's other Players of the Game (listed in the chart below) receive one Box-Toppers point:

MLB10.0Indians 0000000  Justin Masterson (W, 2-0)7.020038
 8.0Red Sox 0000000  Jon Lester (W, 2-0)7.050006
 7.0Athletics 0000000  Brett Anderson (W, 1-1)6.0520210
NL6.2Braves 0000000  Tim Hudson (W, 1-0)6.231127
BAT6.0Royals Billy Butler 1B412710  00.000000
 6.0Rangers Ian Kinsler 2B323410  00.000000
BAT4.0Cardinals Matt Carpenter 2B533302  00.000000
 4.0Yankees 0000000  CC Sabathia (W, 1-1)7.040034
 3.1Dodgers 0000000  Hyun-Jin Ryu (W, 1-1)6.132226
 3.0Diamondbacks Eric Hinske PH111200  00.000000
 3.0Twins 0000000  Glen Perkins (S, 2)1.000002
 2.0Rockies Jonathan Herrera SS413200  00.000000
 2.0Reds 0000000  Aroldis Chapman (S, 2)1.010002
 1.0Mets Ruben Tejada SS221010  00.000000
 1.0`White Sox 0000000  Chris Sale 7.053327