Top players for Saturday, April 6

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was Player of the Day. Kershaw pitched seven innings, struck out nine and gave up only two hits and a walk in the 1-0 win over the Pirates.

Blue Jays pitcher J.A. Happ was American League Player of the Day. Happ struck out six and allowed one hit over five innings in the 5-0 win over the Red Sox.

Albert Pujols of the Angels was American League Batter of the Day. Pujols homered twice and drove in three runs (and walked three times) in the 8-4 win over the Rangers.

Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies was National League Batter of the Day. Cuddyer went 3-for-4 with a homer and 4 RBIs in the 6-3 win over the Padres.

Kershaw receives two Box-Toppers points for being named Player of the Day. Happ receives 1.7 for AL Player of the Day. Pujols receives 1.5 points for AL Batter of the Day. Cuddyer receives 1.5 points for NL Batter of the Day.

All of Saturday's other Players of the Game (listed in the chart below) receive one Box-Toppers point:

MLB13.0Dodgers 0000000  Clayton Kershaw (W, 2-0)7.020019
AL7.1Blue Jays 0000000  J.A. Happ (W, 1-0)5.110036
 6.1Rays 0000000  Alex Cobb (W, 1-0)7.040036
BAT5.0Angels Albert Pujols DH222330  00.000000
BAT4.0Rockies Michael Cuddyer RF413400  00.000000
 3.0Braves Justin Upton LF533202  00.000000
 3.0Tigers Miguel Cabrera 3B424110  00.000000
 3.0Nationals Wilson Ramos C422310  00.000000
 3.0Mets John Buck C201400  00.000000
 3.0Phillies Kevin Frandsen PH101300  00.000000
 3.0Twins 0000000  Josh Roenicke (W, 1-0)3.010012
 3.0White Sox 0000000  Donnie Veal (W, 1-0)1.000002
 2.0Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt 1B532201  00.000000
 2.0Athletics 0000000  Grant Balfour (S, 1)1.000001
 1.0Cardinals Pete Kozma SS413100  00.000000