2012 leaders

Pitcher Justin Verlander of the Tigers had the most Box-Toppers points in 2012 with 24.8.

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers had the most Box-Toppers points of any National League player, with 20.8.

Adrian Beltre of the Rangers had the most Box-Toppers points among American League batters in 2012 with 13.5.

Ryan Braun of the Brewers had the most points among National League batters during 2012 with 12.5.

Though Verlander topped all Box-Toppers measures, he finished second in AL Cy Young voting to Rays pitcher David Price, who finished 10th among AL pitchers in Box-Toppers with 14.1 points.

Though Kershaw topped all NL pitchers in Box-Toppers, he finished second in NL Cy Young voting to Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey, who finished fourth among NL pitchers in Box-Toppers with 19.1 points. Kershaw, interestingly, only passed Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals in Box-Toppers points during the final week of the 2012 season. Strasburg had been sitting out since Sept. 8 to limit his innings pitched while rehabilitating from Tommy John surgery. Also, interestingly, though Strasburg led in Box-Toppers points near the end of the season, he received a grand total of zero Cy Young votes.

Though Beltre topped all AL batters in Box-Toppers points, he finished third for AL most valuable player. Voters were unable to resist picking Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers, who won baseball's triple crown for the first time in 45 years. However, Cabrera had 11.7 Box-Toppers points in 2012, third among AL batters. Beltre also finished behind Mike Trout of the Angels in MVP voting. Trout, also hard for voters to resist, was a rookie who exploded onto the scene, hitting home runs, stealing bases and robbing home runs in the outfield. Trout finished fifth among AL batters in Box-Toppers points for the 2012 season, with 11. Chris Davis of the Orioles finished second among AL batters in Box-Toppers points for 2012, with 12. He finished behind Beltre but ahead of MVP favorites Cabrera and Trout. Davis received nary a vote—zero—for AL MVP.

Though Braun topped all NL batters in Box-Toppers points, he finished second for NL most valuable player. Buster Posey of the Giants was named NL MVP. He had 5.5 Box-Toppers points and did not finish among the top 10 NL batters.

This list includes only MLB players active at the close of the 2012 season and includes them with the team they were with and the league they were in at the end of the season. 

What are those numbers after players' names?

More leaders:

2012 LEADERS   
1Verlander, Justin 2112pi spdet al24.8
2Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl20.8
3Strasburg, Stephen 2736pi spdc nl20.4
4Dickey, R.A. 1734pi spnym nl19.1
5Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al18.7
6Gonzalez, Gio 2626pi spdc nl17.7
7Bumgarner, Madison 2753pi spsf nl17.7
8Lynn, Lance 2992pi spstl nl17.7
9Scherzer, Max 2588pi spdet al17
10Medlen, Kris 2596pi sp mr cpatl nl17
1Verlander, Justin 2112pi spdet al24.8
2Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al18.7
3Scherzer, Max 2588pi spdet al17
4Darvish, Yu 3003pi sptex al16.8
5Sale, Chris 2806pi spchi al15.7
6Weaver, Jered 2178 pi spana al15.4
7Kuroda, Hiroki 2401pi spnyy al15.4
8Sabathia, C.C. 1492pi spnyy al15.1
9Shields, Jamie (James) 2157pi sptb al14.7
10Price, David 2593pi sptb al14.1
1Beltre, Adrian 11413btex al13.5
2Davis, Chris 24781b lf dh rfbal al12
3Cabrera, Miguel 17763bdet al11.7
4Hamilton, Josh 2332cf lftex al11.5
5Trout, Mike 2949cf rf lfana al11
6Rios, Alex 1989rfchi al9.9
7Butler, Billy 2330dhkc al9.7
8Mauer, Joe 1869ca dh 1bmin al9
9Granderson, Curtis 2051cfnyy al8.7
10Trumbo, Mark 2851lf 1b rf dhana al8.7
1Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl20.8
2Strasburg, Stephen 2736pi spdc nl20.4
3Dickey, R.A. 1734pi spnym nl19.1
4Gonzalez, Gio 2626pi spdc nl17.7
5Bumgarner, Madison 2753pi spsf nl17.7
6Lynn, Lance 2992pi spstl nl17.7
7Medlen, Kris 2596pi sp mr cpatl nl17
8Latos, Mat 2644pi spcin nl15.4
9Kimbrel, Craig 2825pi cpatl nl15
10Cain, Matt 2081pi spsf nl14.7
1Braun, Ryan J. 2300lfmil nl12.5
2Holliday, Matt 1836lfstl nl11.7
3Kemp, Matt 2151cflad nl10
4Freese, David 27103bstl nl9.7
5Uggla, Dan 21582batl nl9.5
6Wright, David 19113bnym nl9.5
7Phillips, Brandon 16912bcin nl9.5
8Gonzalez, Carlos 2460lfcol nl9.2
9Hill, Aaron 20562bari nl9
10LaRoche, Adam 19101bdc nl9