2011-2012 leaders

Pitcher Justin Verlander of the Tigers has the most Box-Toppers points over the 2011 and 2012 seasons combined, with 49.2.

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers has the most Box-Toppers points of any National League player over this time, with 46.9.

Prince Fielder of the Tigers has the most Box-Toppers points among American League batters during the past two seasons with 22.2.

Ryan Braun of the Brewers has the most points among National League batters during this span with 23.

This list includes only MLB players active at the close of the 2012 season and includes them with the team they were with and the league they were in at the end of the season. 

What are those numbers after players' names?

More leaders:

2011-2012 LEADERS   
1Verlander, Justin 2112pi spdet al49.2
2Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl46.9
3Weaver, Jered 2178 pi spana al38.2
4Shields, Jamie (James) 2157pi sptb al34.8
5Gonzalez, Gio 2626pi spdc nl33.4
6Gallardo, Yovani 2333pi spmil nl32.9
7Lee, Cliff 1798pi spphi nl32.8
8Bumgarner, Madison 2753pi spsf nl31.7
9Halladay, Roy 1178pi spphi nl30.8
10Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al30.4
1Verlander, Justin 2112pi spdet al49.2
2Weaver, Jered 2178 pi spana al38.2
3Shields, Jamie (James) 2157pi sptb al34.8
4Hernandez, Felix 2064pi spsea al30.4
5Price, David 2593pi sptb al29.2
6Greinke, Zack 1871pi spana al29.2
7Sabathia, C.C. 1492pi spnyy al29.1
8Morrow, Brandon 2264pi sptor al25.7
9Kuroda, Hiroki 2401pi spnyy al25.1
10Scherzer, Max 2588pi spdet al24.4
1Fielder, Prince 20291bdet al22.2
2Granderson, Curtis 2051cfnyy al21.4
3Cabrera, Miguel 17763bdet al19.2
4Hamilton, Josh 2332cf lftex al19
5Pujols, Albert 14381bana al18.5
6Cabrera, Asdrubal 2362sscle al18.2
7Beltre, Adrian 11413btex al18
8Teixeira, Mark 17381bnyy al17.2
9Napoli, Mike 2161catex al17.2
10Reynolds, Mark 22971b 3bbal al15.2
1Kershaw, Clayton 2494pi splad nl46.9
2Gonzalez, Gio 2626pi spdc nl33.4
3Gallardo, Yovani 2333pi spmil nl32.9
4Lee, Cliff 1798pi spphi nl32.8
5Bumgarner, Madison 2753pi spsf nl31.7
6Halladay, Roy 1178pi spphi nl30.8
7Kennedy, Ian 2723pi spari nl29.1
8Hamels, Cole 2135pi spphi nl28.8
9Dickey, R.A. 1734pi spnym nl28.1
10Lincecum, Tim 2288pi spsf nl27.1
1Braun, Ryan J. 2300lfmil nl23
2Uggla, Dan 21582batl nl21
3Wright, David 19113bnym nl19.5
4McCutchen, Andrew 2637cfpit nl18.2
5Kemp, Matt 2151cflad nl17
6Tulowitzki, Troy 2308sscol nl16.5
7Holliday, Matt 1836lfstl nl16.2
8Gonzalez, Carlos 2460lfcol nl16.2
9Phillips, Brandon 16912bcin nl16
10Gonzalez, Adrian 21931blad nl14.5