Results for March 27, 2013

Another spring practice day for baseball players, another spring practice day for Box-Toppers. Jaime Garcia of the Cardinals was Player of the Day, pitching eight innings and striking out eight. Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals, who went 3-for-4, was National League Batter of the Day. And Nate Tenbrink of the Mariners, who doubled and drove in three runs in his only time at bat, was American League Player of the Day. (This is a relatively rare instance where a batter beats the pitcher for league player of the day honors.) Sixteen spring training games were played on Wednesday, March 27, however one game, the Royals versus the Cubs, ended in a tie and was not included in these results. The games (and the Box-Toppers points) count for real starting Sunday, March 31, when the regular season begins.